Coaching Course for Leaders

ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program from Erickson International is ideal for leaders who want to benefit from coaching techniques developed and proven in practice.

The main focus of Coaching Course for Leaders is to shape communication and interaction in such a way that innovative solutions are identified and energy is freed up for implementation. With a strength and effect not possible through conventional communication.


Modul I – Professional Coaching for Leaders – 4 days

The aim of this module is to provide participants with the necessary basics for carrying out a complete coaching session and inspiring clients to take steps vital to success. Participants will learn the basic structure of a coaching session and the principles of solution-focused coaching.

Modul II – Increasing Efficiency – 4 days

The focus of the second module is the development and implementation of coaching skills. This module offers a series of tools for strategy, planning, execution and organization of time. In this module participants learn various ways to support the client in finding their own answers to the question"“How can I achieve the desired goal?".

Coaching Course for Leaders consists of the basic modules of the Erickson coaching training "The Art and Science of Coaching".

This coaching course consists of 60 coaching hours (eight days) certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). After completing Modules I & II you are also elegible for accreditation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the ICF.

Erickson HUB Online Platform

All participants have access to the Erickson HUB. The Erickson HUB is a secure online facility for participants of training for access to course information, materials and resources. It also facilitates communication with trainers and fellow students, strengthening the Erickson College community.

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