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Austria's largest startup study "Startup Anatomy"

The largest psychometric study "Startup Anatomy" - conducted by ITO Individuum Team Organisation GmbH, an initiative of Speedinvest Heroes Consulting GmbH in cooperation with the Vienna Business Agency, AWS, FFG, UNIQA Ventures and Female Founders.


In recent years there has been an increasing trend towards the launch of startups. The economic significance of successful startups cannot be overemphasized. Successful startups are future employers and future economic capital of society. In order to support founders in their development, Speedinvest Heroes has carried out a "FounderCheck" over the last two years and used the multidimensional analysis tool MINDONEpotential to obtain concrete clues for their development.

The evaluation of the small sample is very promising. The profiles are very helpful as a basis for targeted development and showed that as an analysis and selection instrument multidimensional methods achieved significantly better results than conventional personality tests. In contrast to classical personality tests, the MINDONEpotential is not just a personality test, but a coordinated combination of different test procedures: Motivation test, interest test, learning and thinking style test, personality test and performance test (analytical skills).

Through the combination of this multidimensional test method with a socio-demographic analysis, the comprehensive study will contribute to a better understanding of the “structure” of founders and teams of founders and to make this usable for the future.

Goal of the study

The main objective of the study is to identify the structure of founders and to uncover their differences compared to corporate managers. Furthermore, it is investigated whether the instrument can provide information about success factors in the composition of teams in start-ups. This finding should generate a significant added value for the support of teams in startups.



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