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ICES International Cultural Engagement Specialist

Only 13% of the global workforce is engaged.

That is where they are emotionally committed and bringing the highest performance to the organization. That means 87% are disengaged or even worse, actively disengaged. Research shows this is having a huge negative financial impact on businesses. Effectively managing employee engagement is critical to your team success, not to mention the health of your entire organization.

International Cultural Engagement
Specialist™ Certification Program

ITO is excited to offer you the opportunity to become a Cultural Engagement Specialist™!

The International Cultural Engagement Specialist™ Certification Program (ICES) is developed by Evoloshen and from July 2018, ITO will be the exclusive delivery partner for the program in the Western Balkan region - Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro and Kosovo – in local language!

For our international clients outside this region an in-house option is available in close cooperation with Evoloshen, let us know if you are interested!

ICES Program Objectives

At the end of this program, you will understand how to:
✓ Work within an organization to create engagement
✓ Foster a culture that people are excited to be a part of
✓ Gain an elevated perspective of the science behind engagement and motivation of employees
✓ Utilize inspiring tools and ideas that you can implement within your organization
✓ Be able to ignite employees’ enthusiasm and passion
✓ Empower employees to be a part of creating an amazing company culture
✓ Increase high performance
✓ Have an action plan ready to implement and create a positive impact within your organization

Who should attend ICES?

This program is designed for company leaders and pioneers who:
✓ Want to create a cultural transformation
✓ Are ready to increase employee engagement
✓ Will work strategically in the organization to increase high performance
✓ Desire to address cultural development, implementing processes and systems to achieve an engaging company ethos
✓ Are motived by personal and professional growth
✓ Are Human Resources and Internal Communications Professionals, or other Business Professionals with a passion for engagement

ICES Program is available as an open-enrolment or in-house course.


Training is held in Croatian/Serbian language.

No open dates at the moment.

For more information please contact us!


Program Content

The program consists of 4 parts delivered as a live face-to-face program over 4 working days and a fifth part in the form of self-paced activities. In total, it offers you 39 hours of intensive learning.

Part One: The Foundation
Introduction, Costs of disengagement, Engaged employees, The 6P's Model introduction

Part two: The inner work- People, Passion & Purpose
People, Passion in business, Purpose & Values, The 5 Cultural Keys (Session 1), Collaboration, Creativity

Part Three: On The Ground
Activities, Homework

Part Four: The 5 Cultural Keys (Session 2)
Emotional Connection, Celebration, Contribution,The 61 Questions of Engagement

Part Five: Putting It All Together
Cultural Action Plan for Engagement, Course review, Action Steps for Going forward, Certification

Final exam
30 days after program; submission of paper with a review of the application of the action plan

Upon succesful completion of the program and final exam you will receive your international certification award, signed by Evoloshen.

Additional Benefits for Participants

Ongoing Support Network

  • Being part of the ICES groups on social media for active discussion about best practices and suppor
  • Access to the Evoloshen team and coaches

Obtaining the ICES™ certification, you will increase your professional credibility within your organization as the International Cultural Engagement Specialist. On top of that, you will earn SHRM and HRCI recertification credits which increase your credibility as an HR specialist as well.


Miljenka Plazonić Bogdan

Miljenka is a professional facilitator, trainer and coach with over 15 years of experience in the field of organizational development.

Through long years of corporate experience and a professional career as consultant, she designed and conducted numerous workshops, events and training programs focused on the development of collaboration, quality of communication, engagement and leadership. Her passion is to develop the full potential of individuals and teams. Since 2013, she has joined the ITO team as a Business Development Manager for Croatia and an international consultant, enabling her to develop quality long-term relations with clients in Croatia and beyond. She is active in several coworking communities in Croatia and through various activities she supports the development of entrepreneurship and cooperation between the sectors.

Sandrina Špeh Vujadinović

Sandrina is a Doctor of Psychology with extensive education in psychological assessment, counseling and coaching skills, with more than 20 years of experience in professional empowerment and capacity building in public, NGO and business sectors.

Plenty of her professional engagement is related to the design and management of training programs designed to develop social, managerial and leadership skills (stress management, time organization, burning out prevention, self-management, active listening, management focused on solutions ...) as well as implementation of specialized trainings such as diagnosis and treatment of people with experience of trauma and torture. Recognizing the importance of finding the joy and meaning in everyday work, along with colleagues from Evoloshen and ITO Serbia and ITO Croatia, supports employees in the region in finding ways to be genuinely involved and happy with what they are doing.

What Is the Cost?

The more important question is what is the cost of your company’s engagement dilemma?
You can calculate that with the following formula:
The company’s cost of employee disengagement=
(Number of Employees) X (Percentage of Disengaged Employees) X (Your Average Employee Salary) X 1/3

Let’s say your company has 1,000 employees, and your company falls in line with the average of 85% employee disengagement and that your average employee salary is 20.000 EUR. This formula calculates the annual cost of your employee disengagement at a staggering 5.6 million EUR!

Imagine you were able to increase employee engagement, let's say by 50%. All of a sudden, that 5.6 million EUR annual cost becomes 2.8 million EUR, a saving of 2.8 million EUR to your company.

As token of appreciation for you getting in on the ICES™ Certification Program in the region, you can get this valuable certification and training experience at the one-time cost of only 1.500 EUR + PDV.

Yes, that’s less than 0.1% of the savings from transforming your company’s employee engagement in that example we gave.

Early bird price for all application by 30 days prior to the event is 1.300 EUR+ VAT.

For two or more people from the same organisation we give additional 5% discount, regardless of the date of the application.

CONTACT US to reserve your place in this exclusive program!

Ana Zvonarić, Internal communication specialist at Mercury Processing Services International d.o.o.

Karin created great group energy and showed us very good case studies. The major thing I got participating in ICES training is inspiration to get back to work and „ignite the fire“.

Iva Petrović, Training & Development Manager at Sberbank Serbia

The most valuable part of this training for me was positive energy, structure of the training and engagement examples. 8 hugs a day is small but so effective tool for building good relationships!

Maja Stanković, Director of Konzum Academy

I value the most of this training sharing experiences and seeing examples how other companies increased engagement levels. It was whole different perspective for me! Training has very positive energy, overall great experience!

Madlena Đurović, HR Business Partner

It was great listening and sharing ideas with such a group of creative people. Bringing joy to my workplace will improve not only my job but my life as well!

Martina Roša, HR Director

The most valuable part of ICES education was the exchange of good practices and ideas. I liked the holistic approach to engagement and extraordinary case studies. I think this training is a relevant subject for every organisation!

Damir Erdelja, Product and selling techniques Coach

Creating awareness of the importance of employee engagement as a driver of positive energy, connection, collaboration and exchanging opinions with other participants were the most valuable parts of this training for me. I recommend this training to others for sharing an "infectious" positive emotion.

Nikolina Majić, Leading Expert Coordinator for Selection and Recruitment

A lot of fun, positive vibes, knowledge and experience sharing! Very instructive! I met very motivating and engaged colleagues! One of the best educations I have attended. I really enjoyed it!

Željka Martinović, Group Internal Communication Expert, Addiko Group

With a structured approach to the topic of employee engagement, the most valuable part of this training was deepening knowledge, meeting new people and sharing experiences. The trainers are professional and well prepared, I recommend this education!

Ines Bezjak Kožnjak, Human Resources Manager

The most valuable part of this education is the passion, knowledge, authenticity. It was great to share the experiences with participants!!


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