Potential Analysis

Career Planning

Creating an environment within the company which permits and encourages initiative and growth of highly talented employees is of utmost importance. So that talented players themselves become active players and shapers of their own growth.

ITO has developed specific development centers for talented employees and, with its system of analysis, is extremely successful at recognizing individual gifts and specifying career options.

Talent programs have to somehow determine who is invited to participate in nuanced analyses. To start, it’s important to take the right ‘preselection’ step. If line managers chose candidates, rivals could easily be left out. Not every highly intelligent or high-performing specialist/ employee has the potential to lead, and only a few have the talent to develop into a successful generalist manager.

Moreover, talented employees’ expectations and perceptions of themselves don’t always match those of others. With transparency and a high level of professionalism in our analysis, we ensure acceptance of results and motivation for further development in our consultations. Before we do anything, we advise you on how to create circumstances and structures that turn talented employees into winners through personal development.


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