Potential Analysis

Development Center

Development centers are often too slanted towards hierarchical growth (succession planning, staffing) and generate only half-hearted, mildly accurate recommendations for people’s development. Implementation is seldom consistently pursued, and even less often is it monitored for success. We offer the opportunity for a development center that not only initiates sustainable growth, but is in and of itself an intensive measure for growth.

Most managers have undergone training programmes and established their own work routine. They lead well, but seldom make any huge leaps in their leadership acumen. We develop development centers for experienced managers in such a way that the centers themselves become the most intensive of measures for growth.

An important consideration in this case is to create specific challenges at work based on individuals’ analyses. For this, courage and trust are necessary on the part of one’s superiors, as well as the willingness to structure work processes with a certain degree of flexibility.

Is coaching the solution for experienced managers? Yes and no. Coaching can set growth into motion, but without well-founded diagnostics up front, it can miss a crucial part of the picture. Development centers need highly-professional development diagnostics in order to determine intrinsic patterns at various psychological depths and to be able to decide upon crucial leverages for growth. Then coaching or individualised training can be sustainably successful.

Application areas:

  • Succession Planning
  • High Potentials – Career Planning
  • Development Center for experts
  • Development Center for managers
  • Individualized training planning for key performer


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