Potential Analysis

Experts / Diversity

Target Group Differentiation

We find ourselves in a time in which, in many branches, expertise and diversity are gaining in importance. There are perceptibly different target groups that could benefit from investment in analysis of potential for growth.

Especially when it comes to specialists, it’s necessary to make career paths other than those in management appealing. As the demands on specialists lie not only in specialised competences, but also in taking action successfully within the organisation and in markets, we design development centers that combine specialised competence with “organisational” competences.

A not-uncontroversial measure is development centers for women. Skeptics argue that the measure itself is discriminatory. Those in favour - especially at companies that seek to increase their proportion of women in management - see the measure as a platform for harnessing undiscovered potential.

Growth diagnostics also makes sense, from our perspective, for employees over fifty. Increasing pressure to change and the increasing speed of change call for precisely this group to develop further. With specific, efficiently-run DCs, potential can be recognised and development can be triggered.


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