Potential Analysis

Qualification Workshop®

The Qualification Workshop® was developed by ITO and distinctly contrasts from the development centre in terms of quality, significance and benefit for personnel development.

It is a technique with which the recognition of potentials occurs far more accurate and reliable than with the conventional methods of personnel diagnostics. The complete procedure is co-ordinated with the requirements and core competences of the person or position in question. The participants receive feedback after each exercise. 

It is analysing the patterns underlying factors of success and their development capacity. The QW has a high learning effect thanks to clearly defined feedback processes. The transparency of the process, the traceability of the occurrences and the immediate benefit for the participants thanks to the high learning effect assures the acceptance of the participants. 


The Qualification Workshop® focuses on the analysis and description of the mental, emotional and social patterns of behaviour.

By means of tools like the biographic pattern analysis during the interview, diverse role-plays, presentations and similar, situation- and company culture alike situations, strengths and development areas of the participants are being diagnosed. Recommendations for their further development are being made on this basis.

Video analysis and constructive feedback emphasise the high quality of potential diagnosis.


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