Potential Analysis

Review Meetings

Appraisal of Managers

An essential component of the appraisal of managers consists of knowing which competences are in fact crucial to the company’s success. And also properly evaluating those competences.

Most of the time, supervisors have the best insight into the performance and competences of managers. However, they’re not immune to bias in judgement. 360° assessments can contribute to objectivity in assessment of competences and are extremely useful if used by managers as feedback for their own development process.

As a measurement tool for sheer performance assessment, 360° assessments should be viewed sceptically, though.

According to our experience, for continual appraisal of managers, the evaluation of multiple superiors in structured review meetings has proven to be of value, i.e. an inter-divisional assessment by the superordinate level which can act to correct the biases of supervisors.

For this, our Forced Ranking Leadership Evaluation is especially effective because, like no other system, it gets to the heart of assessments and facilitates a critical and deliberate look at leadership performance. The forced ranking process must be clearly structured and, ideally, digitally supported.


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