Potential Analysis

Succession Planning

There’s almost nothing more demotivating for ambitious performers than the feeling that staffing isn’t done according to professional criteria. A transparent staffing policy - along with satisfactory staffing - guarantee fair competition and motivation for development.

Although it’s generally known that performance in one’s current job doesn’t necessarily justify career advancement, leadership positions are time and again staffed simply according to performance. As such, the most skilled employees, for example, are promoted to inefficient managers, or team leaders highly esteemed by their team are converted into overwhelmed division managers.

The reasons for this are manifold. Management careers as rewards for performance, fear of losing employees and a lack of retention methods; short-term succession planning or a lack thereof. 

Performance is of course a prerequisite for career advancement, but it’s not a good indicator that a promotion is due; reliable assessment of potential is the decisive factor.

We analyse a person’s potential in two respects: we differentiate between one’s leadership potential based on the competences they possess, and one’s potential for growth, i.e. the possibility of expanding upon their existing potential.

1) L-factors indicate a scope of one’s learning potential
2) S-factors refer to one’s ambition


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