Potential Analysis


The Sustainable Methods Used in ITO Leadership and Development Centers

ITO tools are defined by the achievement of maximum result validity and the initiation of notable, sustainable change.

Every study over the last few years has shown that a mix of methods in people analysis generates the best predictive power. These results are not particularly surprising, as more information on a person should generally facilitate a better understanding of them. From our perspective, the information one choses to combine and the quality thereof are the decisive factors.

Assertions as to one’s character based on personality tests reflect a limited picture of a person. We know from experience that motivating factors and interests are as essential as observable behaviour or cognitive skills.

Results of analyses are always an intervention to be applied appropriately. Professional analysis of personal patterns and their importance in personal development are what set ITO consultants apart. Leveraging not only observations and interviews, but also company data, consultants make use of a complex data pool generated by a multidimensional profiling process. The art of diagnostics lies in conveying findings in such a way that they become a sustainable impulse for growth.

In an online process, ITO carries out five perspectives of analysis and compiles them into one comprehensive report. The complexity of the data makes it possible to recognise connections and contributing factors that aren’t apparent at first glance. By combining ITO‘s findings with observations on behavioural patterns, our diagnosticians are able to identify competences and areas for potential and clarify specific leverages for growth.

Because we believe that talented employees or managers themselves should be to a great extent key players in their own growth, we craft our services in such a way as to make results comprehensible, transparent and acceptable. Results are never just a representation in a model, they are always an intervention that affects change: in one way or another, with a big boost or a little one for the person involved and their environment. Thus it’s necessary for diagnosticians to have, along with high analytical performance, also the finely tuned senses for turning results into effective impulses for growth.


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