Potential Analysis

Potential Analysis

The ITO-Potential Analysis aims on supporting employees in the best possible way in their development and by offering them the most suitable area of assignment.

The tools used by ITO to determine qualities, skills and development capacities result in a structured profile of the respective employee, of the team or of the entire organisation.

Application areas

  • The best possible staffing
  • Selection of potential candidates for international development programmes
  • Career planning on an objective basis
  • Basis for education planning 
  • Objective baseline for evaluation of follow-up actions
  • Flexibility in the staffing of the internal workforce
  • Manpower planning
  • Creating a basis for qualitative management development
  • Monitoring and controlling development activities
  • Identifying high potentials for key and management positions (in combination with other diagnostic tools)
  • Intensifying communication between supervisors and employees


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