Emotional Acceptance in Change Processes

Manual of practice: 214 Pages

Publishing house: Lang, Peter

Language: German

ISBN-10: 3631585594

ISBN-13: 978-3631585597



Dr. Brigitte Ziemendorf

Emotional Acceptance in Change Processes

Development of a didactic concept

Change processes take place at two levels, the strategic- and the emotional level. While companies pay attention to the strategy- and management level in the change processes, they neglect the emotional level of their employees with regards to the acceptance assurance of the changes. In order to reach emotional acceptance, the communication of the goals and consequences of the changes for all aggrieved parties is essential.

This book describes practice-oriented and in detail the way to achieve emotional acceptance in Change Processes. Business objectives become linked with educational approaches. A large and practice-oriented didactic body supports Managers and internal- as well as external Process Supervisors in the effective implementation of changes. A developed Acceptance Navigator takes center in this didactic body.

From the content: Description of Change-Processes - Interview Analysis to detect success- and risk factors in Change Processes - didactic body - Acceptance navigator.