Motion, Adventure, Nature, Language

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Publishing house: Ziel

Language: Deutsch

ISBN-10: 3934214800

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Siegfried Molan-Grinner

Motion, Adventure, Nature, Language

Education with outdoor-based training - Development of individual compentences through the concept of four-dimensionality

Outdoor-based-training has become a broadly used method to achieve many different goals. This special way to initiate Development Processes through trainings and workshops is highly accepted in the social (Non-Profit) as well as in the business sector on one hand, and meets with severe criticism on the other hand. 

Outdoor-based-training is understood as educational means of achieving defined educational goals. The complexity of Outdoor-based-Training is developed and promoted predominantly by practioners (Outdoor-Trainers, -Educators) and their pragmatics and hardly ever by scientific systematisations. If so, then for the most part single aspects are being examined, there has been no comprehensive theory until today. 

As a result of his analysis the author presents the concept of four-dimensionality, which postulates the decisive effect-dimensions: motion, adventure, nature and language, which are necessary for a successful education with Outdoor-based-Training.

Based on the theory-frame with socially cognitive learn-theory and the neuro-linguistic programming, the educational field of the Outdoor-based-Training is presented systematically, in order to allow for clarity for a comprehensive discussion. From this basis of mind the four effect-dimensions: motion, adventure, nature and language get analysed from the point of view of the practical education science, in order to phrase object theoretical and practical findings for the approach of the Outdoor-based-Training.