Analiza Potencjału

Digital Development Center

Experienced development experts and the right mix of methods in the Digital Development Center (DC) ensure, that sustainable development impulses are set for both the management system and high performing individuals. All measures - from interviews and leadership simulations to subsequent consultation and feedback meetings - are implemented digitally and professionally supported by ITO.

The Digital DC is not only based on job profiles or the company's standardized competency model, but also on the underlying success criteria of roles and corporate culture at hand. Based on this analysis, the methods are designed in an online setting in line with the immediate working environment and practical challenges.

Your benefits:

  • Increase of leadership quality through selection and targeted development measures
  • High validity and significance through use of the right mix of methods
  • Objectivity of management quality through the establishment of clear and transparent parameters, controlled framework conditions and uniform observer standards
  • Optimal use of human resources through targeted development, retention and promotion of top performers


Personality tests give only an incomplete picture of a person. Motivators and interests are just as essential as observable behavior or cognitive skills. The Digital Development Center therefore focuses on effective assessment and feedback processes that ensure the optimal placement of high performers and intensify their individual development.

Competencies and potentials are evaluated on the basis of various practical tasks. The instruments used by ITO to determine skills and development capacities lead to a structured profile of the respective employee, the team or the entire organization, which forms the starting point for individually tailored development measures such as coaching or individualized trainA completely digital implementation is particularly suitable for international companies with locations worldwide and virtual teams.

The advantages of online implementation also include:

  • Cost efficiency by eliminating all travel expenses on the client and consulting side
  • Time efficiency and improvement of your CO2 balance by eliminating travel time
  • Individual and practical implementation through online concepts tailored to your company, which digitally represent your working reality

By identifying individual growth potential, ensuring acceptance of the results and initiating implementation steps, the Digital Development Center itself becomes an intensive development measure, while being the starting point for further activities.

Possible fields of application:

  • Succession planning (executives)
  • High Potentials - Career Planning
  • Development Center for experts
  • Development Center for managers
  • Individualized training planning for key performers