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More accuracy in potential assessments

Whether young talents or potentials for top positions: ITO’s analyses offer maximum informative value and reliability. They are a profitable investment in a secure basis for decision-making.

More ways to use the results

The results of the analyses not only increase the quality of succession planning and staffing. They provide important information on alternative employment opportunities on the internal job market and provide impulses for individual development measures. They provide insightful information on the retention and management of talent, on management culture, enable the evaluation of training measures or form their baseline. They support personal responsibility for one’s own development and help coaches to work very efficiently. Last but not least, they are simply enjoyable because they deepen insights about yourself.

More time and cost savings with e-DCs

Thanks to the ITO system, we are able to conduct development centers not only for individuals, but also for groups with participants from different countries worldwide. Without travel and accommodation costs, without wasting time traveling, without burdening the environment with flights and – as the experiences of our customers show – with the highest level of professionalism and quality.

More satisfaction with personnel development

ITO Development Centers play a major role in ensuring that HR measures are highly valued within the company.

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