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The challenges of succession planning

  • (Re)staffing a management position always goes hand in hand with opportunities for the company that can be used or lost
  • Potential internal successors feel ignored and not adequately assessed, which leads to dissatisfaction and consequences can be drawn
  • The one-sided view or ignorance of internal candidates, characterized by entrenched images, leads to appointments based on gut feeling
  • Filling vacancies with external candidates can be time-consuming and costly
  • It is often unclear whether the new person can provide new impetus or will be rejected by the system

The right strategy for refilling vacancies

The ITO strategy for replacements focuses on sustainable leadership development within the company and analyzes the potential and development of managers regardless of the urgency of the replacement. This has a number of advantages:

  • In addition to existing knowledge about managers, decision-makers gain relevant information about their potential and deployment options
  • Potential for replacements is recognized and prepared in good time
  • Fairness and transparency in succession planning creates greater acceptance for all parties involved
  • The further development of managers is specifically supported and evaluated, it becomes sustainable and is reflected in measurable results

Why ITO?

With the ITO Development Center, the company has a measure that is demonstrably highly accepted by the participants and can be optimally used for succession planning as well as for the development of the participants.

The ITO Development Center builds on decades of experience in the systematic analysis and development of managers with a holistic approach.

Managers appreciate the extraordinarily precise analysis, the comprehensibility of the results, the fairness of the approach and the personal benefits of the measures.

They also find the measures themselves to be more effective than conventional training. The ITO Development Center offers an intensive training setting.

Managers have the highest regard and recognition for the professional, meaningful approach to personnel development. The succession planning process becomes the flagship of personnel development. The ITO Development Center becomes the instrument of choice.

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