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Identify talents and foster them

What we know from studies

  • Employees often feel inadequately recognized by their supervisors and are largely of the opinion that they do not really know their potential and therefore do not promote it appropriately
  • Employees are often not really satisfied with the quality of the feedback they receive from managers
  • One of the most important motivators for the younger generations is to be able to develop and realize their potential


There is more talent in the company than is recognized (and used). Talents often do not have enough opportunities to show what they are made of.

ITO Development Center for selected top talents

The ITO Development Center is an assessment and development measure for your talents.

Young top talents receive professional feedback on their potential in well thought-out and top-class settings. They examine the opportunities for their optimal development and define individual development plans and measures together with managers.

Thanks to our platform and our international online concept, we can involve top talents worldwide and conduct international development centers for young top talents in both individual and group settings.

Gain a quick overview of talents

The ITO Career Compass shows the potential and motivation of talents in an economic form and provides a reliable indication for career planning. It shows disposition and motivation for leadership, project management and expertise. It shows the strengths that characterize them as well as the motives and interests that really drive the person.


Gain a quick overview of talents

Why is it worth having an overview of employees’ strengths, development potential and retention levers?

  • Performance improvement: Employees who work in areas that match their strengths can make better use of their skills and therefore achieve a higher increase in performance.
  • Motivation: Recognizing and appreciating the strengths of employees helps to increase their own motivation and has a positive effect on morale.
  • Effective use of resources: The optimal allocation of tasks to employees according to their strengths enables them to make more efficient use of their own skills.
  • Error avoidance: By recognizing development potential, targeted development measures can be used to counteract possible sources of error.
  • Employee retention: When strengths and development potential are promoted, employees feel supported in their day-to-day work and are more committed to the company in the long term.

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