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Every company knows them: Managers and experts who really drive an area or topic in the company forward and people who simply achieve outstanding results. But are there enough of these people in sufficient positions?

We are convinced that the best minds are needed for key positions. Top performers in key positions are critical to the company’s success; they make the difference.

Headhunters who suggest people from other companies have a pool of possibilities in their database. But that is only part of the solution.

Talent management for top positions needs to be able to identify the DNA of top performers, differentiate outstanding potential from good or very good potential, and do so for both internal and external candidates.

The DNA of top performers

  • Personality tests alone are not nearly enough to recognize potential for top performance.
  • Even in conventional assessment centers, which rely purely on observation, this is difficult to detect.
  • An essential aspect in the analysis of the DNA for top performance is the analysis of the mindset. The mindset is a complex system of beliefs derived from interests, motivators/drivers, information processing and personality.
  • Another factor for top performance is cognitive abilities, which can vary from emotional intelligence to spatial awareness, depending on the function.
  • It is clear that experience and know-how play a role, but they are not decisive for the high-performance DNA.

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