Assessment Center

Your Assessment Center: Customised and Hands-On

Our Assessment Centers are tailored to the needs of our clients. We rely on an tailored mix of methods that optimally reflects your real working environment, as well as intelligent web-based assessments to determine the characteristics, skills and development potential of candidates. You receive a robust, multi-faceted profile that we use to support you in filling key and management positions with the most suitable candidates — all the way up to the board.

Job Specifications: The Cornerstone of Your Assessment Center

To design your custom Assessment Center, we first evaluate your requirements for the vacant position. Here we identify factors critical to success, the know-how and social requirements of the position, typical daily challenges confronting it, points of contact with other departments, as well as how it fits into the corporate strategy and culture. Based on the information gathered, we define or refine the job specifications and outline the components of the Assessment Center, which we conduct face-to-face or virtually, as desired.

Assessment Center: Real Work Environment Over Artificial Competition

Our Assessment Centers are designed to approximate real professional situations as closely possible. We ensure a stress-free setup so that participants can show off their natural skills and competencies as they would in a daily work situation. For the activities we work with individual settings, following each activity up with constructive feedback.

This helps avoid artificial competition and enables us to apply feedback in real time on the day of the assessment. The outcome is an individual report that you receive on all participants including recommendations for staffing, development and management.

Possible components:

  • Innovation/strategy task
  • Negotiation (customer, budget, etc.)
  • Leadership simulation (upwards, horizontal, downwards)
  • Disputes
  • Potential Analysis Questionnaire, cognitive performance tests
  • Team task, group activities (communication, cooperation, creativity, etc.)
  • Case study, presentation and hearing
  • Competency-based in-depth interview
  • Organising task
  • Combined 360° analysis to check progress

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