ITO Coaching Standards

Coaching: Individual Development, Both Professional and Personal

Are you ready for new prospects? Are you honest with yourself and interested to work on yourself? Then coaching is the right method for you. Our philosophy is based on a holistic approach that leaves room for both professional and private issues. In order to be able to respond to you individually, we use various coaching methods adapted to situation at hand. We work with each coachee to develop numerous options for action for their personal situation. This approach, coupled with our coaches’ sound diagnostics background, has proven to be very effective in practice and leads to measurable success after just a few coaching sessions. We offer coaching in individual settings, but also group and conflict coaching.

To ensure highest quality coaching the ITO coaches are certified by ICF and / or Erickson. ICF was founded in 1995 and today it is the leading global organization with over 25,500 members who are dedicated to promoting coaching by setting high professional standards, providing independent certification, and building a network of accredited coaches.

Since coaching only works on the basis of mutual trust between coach and coachee, it’s essential for us to offer the coachee the opportunity to get to know their coach before starting and only then decide whether to embark on the project. Arrange a non-binding meeting with one of our certified coaches today.