Talent Programme

Talent Programmes : Shaping the Future of the Company Today

With a talent programme, you give your high potentials sustainable development impulses: their visions, skills and aspirations are already shaping the company of the future. The goal of our talent programmes is to offer participants a challenging framework in which their own skills and potential can be identified, reflected upon and developed. Taking stock, personalised recognition of potential, coaching and feedback loops are thus focal points in our programmes.

Learning Objectives and On-the-Job Training

Advanced training happens mainly on the job. Our content and methods therefore come as close as possible to real-life situations in the workplace. This in turn enables an easier transfer into everyday work life. Moreover, our talent programs are designed in such a way that, by agreeing to objectives, participants commit to dealing with issues in everyday life and to implementing course content.

Training days are followed by implementation and reinforcement days, so that what has been learned can be promptly consolidated. That’s not all, though: to ensure that development ensues in everyday life, participants’ managers are also involved as coaches in the implementation process wherever possible. This ensures that development continues even outside of seminars.

Personal Responsibility Breeds Initiative

We are convinced that companies need employees who take initiative and personal responsibility. Our programmes are therefore designed to focus on participants’ ability to manage themselves. Participants learn to achieve self-defined goals instead of “consuming” development. In order to satisfy individual development goals, programme modules are only partially predetermined; elective modules are offered in addition. High levels of involvement ensure that all participants remain fully engaged.

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