Team Performance 4.0

What Makes Teams Successful?

Team performance, commitment and cooperation are a matter of course for some teams, but for many, it‘s a daily challenge. High-performing teams differ above all in their focus on results, willingness to assume responsibility, self-organisation and a team climate characterised by trust, critical skills and openness. Team goals must be clear, transparent and recognised by the team members as being reasonably attainable.

Team Performance: Establishing the Right Framework

Transparent objectives lead to clear tasks and expectations. If individual team members do not fulfil their tasks, constructive feedback is necessary to hold them accountable. Clear allocation of roles and a clearly defined framework for feedback are therefore prerequisites essential to team success. The goal is not always consensus, but acceptance of the diversity of different perspectives.

Where open exchange is possible, individual differences are not obscured by artificial harmony—and learning takes place. In our Team Performance process, we support your team in creating the right conditions to optimise your team performance.

Teams in Transition: Restructuring and Mergers

Changes on a large scale lead to changes on a small scale. High-performance teams that support change processes and develop new skills are the driving force for company growth. The path that successful teams have to take in times of change such as mergers can be briefly described as such: by appreciating past successes. If you want to face the new, you have to make a clear break from the old. Moreover, binding new perspectives are necessary in order for the familiar order to be abandoned and for change in a team to be largely experienced as an opportunity and accepted as such. With our Team Performance process, we initiate change and accompany your team throughout mergers and other reorganisation processes.

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