Team Review

Teams as a Success Factor

Team success is the result of the successful interplay of individual team players’ skills as well as an atmosphere characterised by results-orientation, critical thinking and responsibility. The dissatisfaction of individual team members, on the other hand, can prevent entire teams from achieving their goals and unnecessarily waste energy. Team reviews make the performance, potential and development areas of a team visible and identify stumbling blocks on the path to becoming a high performance team.

Team Review: Taking Stock of Your Team

With the help of our digital MINDONE Team Review, a clear picture of the performance and development areas of a team is formed, as well as possible blockades to performance. In this process, the team’s competencies, motivators, inclinations and potential are ascertained in order to determine the starting point for concrete development steps. Like in 360° feedback, we integrate superiors, team members and performance partners in systematic team diagnostics, thus bringing to light discrepancies between self-perception and the perception of others.

Team Reviews can also be used to answer the following questions:

  • What additional skills does your high performance team need? What potential do the individual team players already have?
  • Which structural and organisational conditions within the company support and/or hinder team performance?
  • How can we both demand and foster cooperation and a willingness to innovate as a team?
  • How do we integrate diversity and create space for creativity?
  • How much agility and flexibility does a team’s culture permit?
  • How can upcoming team mergers succeed and quickly become operational in newly emerging units?

MINDONE Team Review: The Road to Spot-On Team Development

Every team development process is unique. That’s why we put great emphasis on adapting our methodological approaches and our analysis tool MINDONE Team Review to the development process, considering the team’s situation, questions and objectives. This enables us to meet teams where they are—in their working reality.

Our Results Report is the baseline for precise team development. With a team development programme tailored to this, we quickly lead your team to greater productivity and performance and increase commitment.

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