Training for Managers

Training for Managers

In our experience, sending busy managers to leadership development workshops holds little promise for success. As a successful provider of training measures with many years of experience, we have sought out solutions that address the shortcomings of traditional training and ensure sustainable effectiveness of our measures.

Our Answer: Systems Training Over Workshops

Instead of offering isolated workshops, we focus on system-oriented training programmes in line with the strategic focus of your company. The learning objectives to be achieved are clearly and measurably formulated; monitoring of processes and results becomes an integral part of the training concept through measures such as 360° feedback, moderated feedback sessions and digital leadership monitoring.


  • Relevant content is transferred sustainably into daily work for the long run
  • Increase in the system’s ability to learn and cooperate (department/division/company)
  • Reduction in training units and thus in lost hours
  • Supports the achievement of company and/or divisional goals
  • Increase in system performance

Learning Organisation Over Individual Setting

Our methodology relies on a combination of individualised training, networking, coaching and on-the-job training. We integrate these into a holistic programme that combines compact training modules with practical measures in everyday work.

We focus on practical learning interventions such as co-piloting, shadow learning, job supervision and self-coaching. Through the targeted involvement of superiors in the learning process and the creation of networks such as buddy systems, not only the managers learn, but the entire system does.

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