Development Center

Development Center: Assessment of the Current Situation and Development Measures

Do you know where your employees stand? Which talent has evolved into a high performer? Who might be a suitable successor for a leading position? We answer these and similar questions at the ITO Development Center. ITO’s Development Center aims to support people in organisations in their development and to offer them work that suits them best.

The process enables the identification of characteristics, skills and development potential with exceptional accuracy and reliability. You can choose to receive a structured profile of individual employees, of a team or of the entire organisation.

Development Center as a Reflection of the Workplace

Development Centers are tailored to the individual needs and core competencies of the individual, job or company. The tools used in our Development Center reflect day-to-day work and provide a realistic picture of how participants behave in comparable situations. This enables us to accurately identify which strengths and potential they already have and where there is still need for development. Immediate feedback after each activity transforms the Development Center itself into a development measure.

The following tools form the basis for our work:

  • Management simulations via customised role plays
  • Case Study: Preparation of a written concept in advance and presentation thereof on day of DC
  • Interview in the absence of colleagues, with subsequent feedback from consultants. This fosters discussion and learning in a safe environment.
  • Electronic profiling questionnaire based on thought style, motivation, personality, professional interests and cognitive abilities, resulting in a meaningful, multifaceted profile
  • Self-assessment based on company-specific (management) competencies
  • To support introspection, we also use video analysis and provide constructive feedback.
  • Intensive, professional feedback based on the four-eye principle and a report as a guideline for self-reflection and independent learning, as well as recommendations for individual areas of focus for self-study.

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