Empirical Success Profiles for Recruiting and Internal Job Market

MINDONEselect is a highly-sophisticated, multifaceted profiling tool for successful job placement. It delivers compact profiles that allow you to reliably select high potentials for various positions. MINDONEselect is particularly well-suited as an instrument in selection processes and for the potential analysis of employees without management functions.

MINDONEselect is based on a combination of different parameters based on proven psychological models, giving you an overview of the following dimensions within thirty minutes:

  • professional interests
  • motivational structure
  • personality.

A numerical test can also be applied and combined with MINDONEselect, if desired.

Areas of Application

Taken together, the models provide a picture of the personality traits critical to success or to a position. This profile can be used for various job descriptions. MINDONEselect is particularly suitable for:

  • Recruiting and internal job market: Via benchmark matching, MINDONEselect can be used as a selection tool. Based on one’s professional interests, conclusions can be drawn on the ideal assignment of a person to the various areas of a company.
  • Retention and management recommendations: Motivators provide information on the degree of intrinsic and extrinsic amplifiers. This allows us to generate specific retention and management recommendations.
  • Role Matching: With the aid of predefined benchmarks, it is possible to match participants up with a position/function. Benchmarks are based on the job profile and the company’s success factors.

Overview of MINDONEselect

  • Modular application of the four areas
  • MINDONEselect can either be set with predetermined benchmarks or adapted to your competency model.
  • Duration: approx. 25 minutes (for three areas) + 10 minutes for numerical reasoning skills
  • Simple, automated and user-friendly interface with individual access rights
  • Immediate and automatic generation of reports for employees, management and HR

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