In the past few years, it has become clear that professional coaching has significantly contributed to return on investment in companies. Are you wondering how coaching can help your company? Discover ten ways for that below.

  1. Coaching can help a company in key business goals.Coaches work with your employees in order to help them identify and create clear and measurable business goals, as well as define strategies by which their goals will be truly achieve.
  2. Coaching can help in developing new ideas.Coaches are a support to your employees in developing new ideas and alternative solutions. Coaches also encourage new prospects, inspire employees through additional questions in sessions and create action steps towards those new ideas/solutions.
  3. Coaching can help in managing change that enables the growth of a company without any additional effort from your side. Professional coaching is an important model for managing change, including growth. Coaches will help your employees identify their current needs, opportunities and challenges, as well as maximize the potential that they already possess.
  4. Coaching can increase productivity and efficiency. It is extremely important to have a coach in moments when you have employees who are taking over new or leading roles in the organization. Coaches are trained to work with clients in order to inspire them to achieve full professional and personal potential, as well as to increase productivity and efficiency. Besides the coach-client relationship, the focus should also be on studying and clear definition of the next step. According to ICF Global Coaching Studies, 70% of clients increase their business performance.
  5. Coaching develops communication skills. ICF Global Coaching Studies have continually shown that 72% of clients that have had coaching have also noted their own progress in communication skills. Individuals that have gone through professional coaching have attained a broader perspective regarding personal challenges and opportunities, have improved their ways of thinking and the skills necessary for decision making, and have improved their own productivity and self-confidence in carrying out certain duties in their personal and professional lives.
  6. Coaching may help your organization attract and keep talented individuals. If you have problems finding great employees or keeping them, it is necessary for your organization to invest in the development of your employees. Coaching is an ideal way for you to develop your employees and show that you care about them and their development.
  7. Coaching can contribute to all of your employees’ work-life balance. An employee that has the opportunity to live a balanced life is a happy one. Being happy also makes him more productive. A coach can work with your employees on discovering, identifying and adjusting what they want to achieve, including a balance between their private and personal life. According to research done through the ICF Global Coaching Studies, 67% of coaches have witnessed progress regarding their clients’ work-life balance.
  8. Coaching can help your employees make progress. All companies that hire a coach are happy with the results of their work. ICF Global Coaching Studies have shown that 99% of clients were pleased or very pleased with the results and experience while working with a coach. In addition, 96% of them said that they would repeat the training process.
  9. Coaching can help your company function great regardless of its economic situation. Coaching is a very important tool in times of insecurity. Companies of all types and sizes have had a chance to experience how professional coaching contributes to increasing their business performance, improving the quality of their products, greater chances of keeping their employees, leadership development, greater dedication of their employees, reducing conflicts and increasing team=building skills.
  10. Coaching can help rebuild the reputation of companies that were struck by the recession. Companies that had to reduce their labor force through down-sizing and restructuring have high expectations of the rest of their employees. The return of self-confidence regarding future challenges is crucial. ICF Global Coaching Studies have shown that 80% of those who worked with coaches saw progress in their self-confidence.

You’ve seen what coaching can do for your company. Let’s present you with one additional fact. Coaching offers a great return on companies’ investments (ROI). ICF Global Coaching Studies have discovered that 86% of companies have regained at least the amount of money that they invested in previously listed activities. Of that 86%, 28% had a return on their investment that was 10 to 49 times greater than the investment itself, while 19% had a return on their investment that was 50% greater than the initial investment.