Potential Analysis

360° Feedback

The 360° Feedback – if necessary combined with other ways of monitoring – carves out key aspects of the development of the management culture in the respective enterprise sectors as well as in the entire company and evaluates their development. 

The advantage of our approach is the fact that it is tailor-made on the one hand and the cost-efficient implementation on the other.

Through the special design of the questionnaire (combination of different types of questions) we are able to provide more significant results for the enterprise.

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A  valuable analysis of the current strengths and areas of development is created for the participant through adding up self- and external evaluations of the employees.

The information is collected to form a feedback report which is then used by the manager and perhaps a coach to determine strengths and areas of development which in turn lead to the creation of a development plan for the individual as well as for the team.


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