Potential Analysis

Management Audit

The ITO Management Audit provides a clear statement as to which extent managers fulfill the qualifications for the strategy- and value implementation in the enterprise.

Chaired internal evaluation

ITO creates the proccess, prepares all required instruments and data for internal evaluation by the Top Management and chairs the Audit.

Sample spreadsheet for up to date internal evaluation

Image for Management Audit

External Audit

ITO's specialisation on Potential Analysis, L&D and Change as well as the clear separation line from the placement as Job Agency and Executive Search avoids a conflict of interests and assures that the Top Performers stay within the organisation. Through our established Know How in diagnostics and the deployment of experienced consultants as well as the possibility of taking international benchmarks as a basis, we assure the highest possible accuracy of the results.

The traceability of the results and the ITO-specific way of feedback assures the acceptance of the procedure and creates a solid basis for the future cooperation.




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