This topic may be of different levels relevance for different people. It depends on whether you want to become a coach or you want to undergo coaching. In order for us to gain both perspectives and bigger picture, it is necessary to take a look at the facts and results of research in the coaching industry.

Is coaching worth your attention from an entrepreneurial point of view? Yes – coaching is a very lucrative business. Professional coaches world-wide generate up to $2 BN per year. Not millions – billions. There wouldn’t be over 50,000 professional coaches all over the world if this industry weren’t a great business opportunity.

On the other hand, to claim that something is ‘worth your attention’ can be further analyzed from the perspective of purpose, motivation and pleasure that this job brings. After all, it is coach’s job to help others make progress and become more successful in various fields. As a coach, you gain experience and tools through which you create priceless value for your clients and yourself as well.

How do coaches facilitate client accomplishment of goals?

Did you know that 99% of clients are happy with their experience of coaching and coaches? Of all the clients that were surveyed, 96% of them said they would hire a coach again.

What makes clients so pleased with their coaching experience and results? The answer is very simple – people hire coaches in order to make progress in various fields. They want to develop both personally and professionally, learn how to deal with stress and enjoy life. A very important characteristic of these people is their willingness to change and progress in life, which in turn leads to cooperation with coaches in this process.

The essence of the coaching industry is a desire to help others achieve success and advance through life. This desire motivates coaches and makes them successful.

Coaches help individuals maximize and reach their full potential. Coaches’ approaches vary depending on the client, but what’s constant is the ultimate intention of supporting their client on their way towards achieving their goals and coming up with different solutions along that road. As a result:

  • 70% of clients claim that their work performance improves
  • 61% of them claim that their work organization improves
  • 57% claim to learn how to manage time better

A positive point of view

These days everything seems possible. Taking this into account, it is necessary to stay optimistic about the future. As a result of coaching, 80% of clients have improved their self-confidence. This says a lot, not only about how the need to improve self-confidence is widespread, but also about how much coaches can help in such a situation. In addition to that, 73% and 72% of people have improved their skills in communication and relations with others, respectively.

The goal of coaching is not only to develop business and assist clients in their development. Coaches can help clients strike a balance among multiple goals. A balance between private and professional life can help clients strike a balance among multiple goals. A balance between private and professional life can be achieved through coaching. Of all clients, 67% claim that they have managed to strike a balance between their private and professional life after coaching.

Are you interested in becoming a coach?

Besides the fact that there’s a growing need for personal and professional coaches, the coaching profession is a very inspirational career. Imagine all those people who could use your help in achieving their goals through the efficient coaching tools at your disposal. Imagine experiencing that every day. Imagine all the positive changes you can initiate as a coach.

Whether your clients’ goal is to earn more money, find new friends, become more successful or to initiate some change – you are their partner through the entire process. Regardless of the reason, people need the support that coaches can provide. Through working with a coach, clients get a clear vision and time frame for achieving his or her goals. Once clients sense the change in their lives, their investment in coaching transforms from an expense into an understanding of personal needs and qualities.

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