Whatever type of coaching you are practicing, decision-making is often the most important virtue you can have. Your ability to make the right decisions will help you to transfer that virtue to others as well. Since the success of your client/employee is directly related to their ability to make the right decisions, you must never take this ability for granted nor forget to help your client/employee to develop it. The best way to support someone in certain area is to be an expert in it. In the process of decision-making, you can take one of two roles:

The decision-makers that are pleased with an adequate result: this group of people makes a decision and takes action once certain criteria is fulfilled. This doesn’t mean that they are pleased with an average solution. On the contrary, their criteria can be very high. As soon as an option that meets the criteria appears, the person will accept it, make a decision, buy a product, make a first step towards change, etc.

The decision-makers that are aimed at maximum results: this group of people aims towards an optimal solution. Even if an opportunity that meets the criteria is offered to them, they will continue considering all remaining alternatives in order to be certain about their choice and minimize the risk. What the coaching philosophy is based on is coaching questions and their value in the decision-making process must not be neglected.

The coaching questions that can most contribute to this process are:
Where am I now?
What is my goal?
How can I reach it?
What are the options at my disposal? What are the resources that I need and to what extent am I ready to dedicate myself to them?

Coaching and decision-making may be tightly connected. Decision-making is not a simple job, but what can help you is staying true to your goals and wishes and taking the values important to you into account at all times. If you face obstacles, you should always think about your long-term goals and think about how your decision will contribute to your goals and affect your coaching.

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